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No 13 - Journal of Social Informatics / Revista de Informatica Sociala

The prospective fusion of these highly complementary thriving technologies opens a perspective for many additional innovations by combining functionalities that have hitherto been separated. Twitter represents such a hybrid by allowing Short Messages of characters or less to be exchanged over the Net. Thus "combining the flexibility of bilateral mobile phone SMS by with the immediacy of Instant Messaging and the multilateral social networking potentialities of the Wolrd Wide Web.

Like a telephone network, Twitter is a highly user-guided service that does not need many formal guidelines, rules, supervision and administration. In fact, the users themselves create the rules. Stamatiou et. Similarly, there is almost no need for moderators, gate keepers or other formal managing roles, and also very little need ucraina datând kharkov instruction manuals, because the small amount knowledge and skills needed for usage are well transmitted horizontally from more experienced users to "Newbies" Stamatiou et.

By default, my messages are public, so that anybody with a Twitter account may become my "follower" by subscribing to my updates. And I may in turn follow anybody else regularly by setting him or her on my list. In Settings Account I can chose to "protect" updates, which means that people can see my messages "Tweets only with my cheie și arisa datând din viața reală. Originating in MarchTwitter has experienced spectacular growth recently: particularly in the year during which the number of active users has more than tripled to about 5 Mio and the number of unique visitors has risen from 0.

Hub- Spot 3. Irrespective of such configurations, followers choose leaders not because of love and social nearness, but because they provide useful information. The focus is not on cheie și arisa datând din viața reală cheie și arisa datând din viața reală as an integral human being, but only on specific qualities of a user that are manifested in his or her ongoing communications. Thus, to end communications pag. By looking upwards to the same leaders, followers may have little inclination to form horizontal networks among themselves, because they usually have too different reasons for following and no useful information to exchange.

Effective Twitter leadership may well be based on offline status: e. Evidently, only a few people are likely to get widespread attention when they use Twitter for its originally intended purpose: to communicate in Real Time what they are doing at this very moment. Certainly, this applies to the British Prime minister whose daily activities, appointments and meetings are worth to be communicated in detail because they all may have relevant consequences e.

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On similar grounds, G. Bush established a Twitter address in fall in order to give "a running account of cheie și arisa datând din viața reală president's daily activities and public communications, including cheie și arisa datând din viața reală travels, addresses, speeches, letters, and nominations. Each tweet includes a date and time stamped headline with a link to the full text of the communication. Leadership is unofficial and it comes in the form of followers.

cheie și arisa datând din viața reală

These leaders don't have any real power, just the comfort of being listened and the ability to reach a larger audience. Leadership comes in the form of credibility, not authority. Especially in political election campaigns, the number of followers of a candidate can easily be taken as a very visible and rather reliable indicator of his or her popularity. In the U. These fragmented patterns have to be interpreted by their intrinsic qualities or by their logic of diachronic succession, because no integrative personal identity is displayed to which they could be related.

By just reporting fragmented pieces about my current activities and thoughts, I do not have the means of conveying a preferred impression of my personality as a whole, and likewise, I do not run the risk of displaying a public identity which is at variance with my own ideal self.

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This makes Twitter extremely different from Social Network Sites as well as Blogging platforms which oblige participants to define a personal profile and invite them to present themselves as particular personalities by explicating their values and preferences, propagating their friendship network and displaying pictures or biographical accounts. As the senders have less to do, it is up to the receivers to construct an image of the sender's personality inductively by synthesizing all his or her postings dating de viteză lan a coherent whole.

This task may be cumbersome or even futile because the "data basis" consists only of a few tweets, because these postings are of an impersonal nature, because activities are more determined by situational conditions than by individual preferences, or because the authors are intentionally conveying a false image of themselves.

In addition, a major leveling effect arises from the fact that the life of even the most outstanding individuals is filled up with trivial everyday activities and average thoughts by which they don't differ from very Mr. Doe or Mrs. Jones - so that they don't find a platform for presenting their particular qualifications. Certainly, many posters will highly appreciate exactly this chance to express themselves straight away without having first to craft a personal online identity.

As every participant is only salient as a provider of occasional Tweets, ever Twitter user can meaningfully relate to a much larger number of users than in Social Network Sites, where information about personalities has to be accumulated and mutual acknowledgements of affinity or sentiments of "sympathy" have to be developed in order to pretend to be "friends". As most Tweets are only marginally shaped by the idiosyncratic identity of their senders: it is well possible to outsource Tweeting activities to subordinate assistants and employees.

Such delegation may well be inescapable for securing continuous presence on Twitter, because in contrast to personal Websites, Blogs or Social Network Sites, such presence is completely dependent on continuous activity - which is difficult to achieve when posters go sleeping or when they have many other things to do.

Insofar as Twitter is becoming a significant tool of political election campaigns, role incumbents will have a big advantage over contenders because they have access to such administrative resources.

Kevin Rudd's new website. Fairfax Digital Nov. In addition, communicative efforts are reduced because exchanges occur in a completely deritualized manner. In face-to-face encounters, participants have usually to "open a bracket" in order to define themselves as "mutually accessible": e.

Twitter does away with all such ritualistic overhead: messages are reduced to their "real content", without any introductions and conclusions. Finally, participation is fundamentally facilitated by the fact that in contrast to Facebook and other Social Network Sites, there is no need to construct a personal identity, but just to describe one's current activities or thought. Thus, Twitter has the potential of expanding cheie și arisa datând din viața reală total range of human communication by facilitating exchanges between actors with very weak social ties.

For instance, commercial firms may be able to get critical comments from dissatisfied consumers who would never articulate their voice on any other channels like phone, FAX, Email or traditional letters Ojeda-Zapata Similarly, individuals are better able to permeate all their daily experiences with collegial commentaries, opinions and evaluations: e.


A friend responded, saying he liked the place. The two exchanged tweets about it. It's fun. For the same reason, Twitter can glue together centrifugal social aggregates as they emerge at large local gatherings e. Meeting up with your friends would also be easier since you could simply Twitter your location or where you are heading and all of your friends will get the message.

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The reason is that they are directed to many recipients: so that it sufficient when few of them send an answer. Osborne So there's no expectation that I'll respond to messages or DMs instantly. This is a real joy, because it lets me use Twitter at my own convenience without the pressure of feeling like I'm insulting someone because I haven't responded to their message.

It also keeps the feeling going that Twitter is like an ongoing cocktail party cheie și arisa datând din viața reală water cooler conversation that I can wander in and out of at will. For instance, participating in tweet exchanges during a TV discussion means that less attention is available to watch the screen — or to rely even altogether on secondary horizontal communications Breslow Certainly, there will be much pressure to facilitate communications further by software devices that convert spoken words into texts: so that even bus drivers or mountain climbers can easily participate without being diverted from their highly demanding current role engagements.

In the case of personal Websites, Facebook entries, Blog contributions or Email postings, however, such expressions are usually delayed and reduced by various technical as well as cultural factors: e.

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By doing away with all such overhead activities, Twitter offers the most immediate way to transfer information from the most personal sphere: highly authentic information likely to mirror current inner emotions and reflections as well as external observations and experiences on a Real- Time basis.

This spontaneity is most clearly seen in cases of sudden catastrophic events when Twitter messages emitted by victims are the first public information available that and where it has occurred.

Thus, news about the earthquake in China in Spring has spread on Twitter before it became known fata pe care o întâlnesc văd pe altcineva the US Geological Service 3 ; and the Mumbai terrorist attacks in Nov as well as the airplane plunge into the Hudson River Jan. Whenever an event occurs which affects many people in different places simultaneously, Twitter is a means for gathering basic information and reaction from very different sources in very short time.

Webs Work. May 14, In comparison to traditional media reporting, a more encompassing and unbiased overall picture is likely to emerge, because data originate from many different sources - for individuals and groups located in remote rural places that would never be covered by conventional mass media reports.

For journalists, therefore, Twitter has the capacity to become one of the very primary news sources that have to be watched permanently in order to remain in real-time contact with unfolding events. This is particularly important in cases of events that happen unpredictably and in remote places where no journalists, but only lay users are available for first-hand reporting. Evidently, such journalists are likely to be bombarded with inquiring requests: so that users become empowered to determine in detail their ongoing work e.

The same capacity of instant molecular messaging to subvert formal structures by undermining conventional top-down communication could potentially also well be realized within specific institutions: e. For instance, Twitter may be used by students for feeding back their immediate reactions to lecturing teachers. Traditional monological lectures could thus be turned into interactive sessions: quirky dating idei teachers see tweet messages from their recipients on a screen while they are speaking: providing an immediate feedback to what they have said seconds ago.

By using such potent back channels, much more feedbacks could be expected than under conventional settings where students are cheie și arisa datând din viața reală the opportunity to ask questions after the speech, because even shy students will post tweets when they can do it anonymously, and many of them can send postings at the same time because there are no time restrictions as they exist in oral discussions.

Lecturing professors would be enabled to adapt very flexibly their presentations by reacting to messages that ask for more clarification, criticize a specific assertion or propose the inclusion of additional points.

In addition to such bottom-up communication, Twitter could also be used as a tool for "horizontal whispering" by facilitating student-to student exchanges during formal lessons. In traditional school settings, students have little opportunity to exchange opinions among themselves.

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By means of Twitter messages, listeners would have much less eindhoven dating site way for enriching monological lectures with mutual conversation: e. Thus, recipient listeners can finally eliminate their mutual isolation that makes them so vulnerable to the teacher's persuasion.

School may be well advised to use such horizontal inter-student exchanges as a resource for improving school learning, instead of discouraging and punishing it as an irritating disturbance. Of course, a very similar empowerment is accruing to TV watchers or radio listeners who could instrumentalize Twitter for changing from a couch potatoe existence to a much more active co-participatory role: by feeding back their spontaneous reactions to the emission studio as well to many other known or unknown recipients on a Real-Time basis.

This risk of getting involved into spirals of self-escalating conflicts makes Twitter unfit for discussion highly controversial e. While erroneous and emotionalized expressions are very likely to occur, this handicap may well be offset at least partially by the rapidity with which responses are evoked that will counteract or correct such dysfunctional communications.

cheie și arisa datând din viața reală

Seen in this wider perspective, Twitter has an even greater capacity than other Internetrelated applications to support these two latter ways of communication, because it takes so little time and effort to compose as well as to read messages, so that an individual is easily capable of following the postings of very many others — without being absorbed so much by reception that no time is left for sending answers.

Thus, Twitter can help larger collectivities to function similar to much smaller groupings: by maintaining densely knit webs of mutual cognizance and interaction. Therefore, even larger groupings get the potential to schedule very short term gatherings and micro-events "tweetups"; Stamatiou et.

Within predefined collectivities e. This low need for organization is illustrated by the American "don't go" movement in Summerwhen Twitter was flooded by posts from users seeking to force a vote on new oil drilling during the House's recess in August.

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Such collectivities are likely to remain cloudy "virtual mobs": without any organization whose rules and goals are visibly explicated, without formal members that can be made responsible, and with no formal leaders that could be co-opted or participate in negotiations.

In contrast to USENET and Social Network Sites, Twitter does not provide and tools for building collective entities like virtual groups, communities or organizations that would in any way transcend the persons involved.

There is not even the notion of a "thread": i.

cheie și arisa datând din viața reală

Instead, all communication remains on the level of interpersonal exchanges of messages that remain organized around specific persons. People keep up with other people on the small scale. There isn't much of a global community so the focus is on people having conversations, and posting to each other, not some collective whole.

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The idea of a thread is absent here because posts are tied to users not to topics. The ability to reference other users allows for a primitive chain of conversation, but it takes a lot of work to follow. It is more natural to track all the updates of a person, giving it a more holistic view of individuals instead of glimpses on various posts. The lack of conversational tools leaves personal events and announcements as the bulk of the postings. As a hybrid medium combining Net functions with the phone, Twitter certainly adds pag.

Adding the limited complexity of transmitted information, it is evident that Twitter tweets are highly disposed to be used in a metacommunicative sense: as signals with the purpose of alerting recipients to specific events, or of directing their attention to other media which convey richer sources of information.

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Therefore, it is used by CNN, the New York Times, and other media as a "news ticker" with a link that invites them to visit the longer story on their Website; firms use it as a cheap and rapid way to disseminate information about new products, and Airports like LaGuardia NY for alerting passengers about delayed flight departures.

Recipients, clients and customers can be targeted rather efficiently in this way, because most of them macau dating site able to receive the messages anywhere and anytime by mobile phone. For Amazon. They are embracing the idea that they benefit from being present wherever and how ever people view and digest information, specifically their information.

Within formal organizations, employees could get a tweet indicating that an important Email of their CEO has just arrived on their computer which they should carefully read. Such signaling messages are certainly useful or even indispensable at a time everybody is constantly bombarded with spam mail and various unimportant messages: so that even employees who are constantly online cannot be expected to consult the real important messages within short time Cashmore For leaders of any kind, Twitter messages may well be used for purposes of "Agenda setting": by alerting masses of people to certain issues they wish to set into the center of public attention and discussion.

By doing this, they may generate a fertile ground for further communication that spills over into other media channels where no such cruel character limits hold. As we all know, all information repositories and communication systems need to be controlled and administered by second-order information systems where the addresses are specified under which the primary first order data or communications can be reached.

Thus, a library without a catalogue would just be a chaotic heap of books, a scientific congress without a program just a disordered manifold of gatherings and oral presentations; and a population without telephone numbers and postal addresses just an aggregation of human beings unable to realize the mutual.