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Din care maximum de tone pot fi formate din argentină Argentina spp. America - eur-lex. Capturile de putasu pot include capturi inevitabile de argentină Argentina spp. Acest fapt ar crea un puternic stimulent pentru importul de biomotorină din Argentina.

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Prin urmare, Comisia a considerat că ofertele de angajament ale producătorilor-exportatori din Argentina sunt acceptabile. Companiile petroliere sunt obligate să cumpere biomotorină de la întreprinderile producătoare de biomotorină din Argentina pentru a respecta obligația de amestecare.

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The evidence for this dating arequipa based mainly on a combination of precise U-Pb SHRMP dating and radiogenic isotope data for igneous and metamorphic rocks from a large area extending from the Rio de la Plata craton in the dating arequipa to the Argentine Precordillera in the west and as far north as Arequipa in Peru In Argentine ant-free sites, most of Myrmarachne exhibited all-blackish colouration Beginning with the deposition of the Argentine Limestone, there ap-pears to be an important increase in the number of crinoid specimens The Argentine ant Linepithema humile is recognized as one of the world's most damaging invasive species