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FAQs — Frequently asked questions - OSD

FAQs — Frequently asked questions 1. What is the ÖSD? The ÖSD is a non-profit organisation who develop internationally recognized exams for German as a foreign or second language. Our exams are communicative- and pluricentric-oriented, cover all levels A1—C2 corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR and incorporate different standard variations of the German dating online zweite mail.

Where can I sit rose dallas an exam? ÖSD exams are available worldwide. You can find a list of all licensed ÖSD exam centres here. When can I sit dating online zweite mail an ÖSD exam? Exam dates can be found here.

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For more detailed information and registration requirements, please contact the exam centre of your choice directly. Where and when can I register for an exam? Simply choose an exam centre and register with them directly to receive all information pertaining to the exam and registration period.

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What do I need to register for an exam? A valid identity document passport, identity card, etc.

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For further information, please contact your respective ÖSD exam centre. Can I sit for an exam as a person with special needs? Depending upon the type and level of impairment e. Information for candidates with special needs can be found here. For specific questions, please contact the exam centre of your choice or the ÖSD head office directly.

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Which exam should I take? Our free online sample tests will assist you in finding the particular level best fitting your abilities. After registering, the exam centre of your choice will offer advice and guidance on exam preparation. How much does the exam cost?

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Exam fees vary, depending upon the level of the exam, the country where you wish to take the exam and the exam centre.

Please contact your exam centre directly to find out about individual fees.

FAQs — Frequently asked questions

How can I prepare for the exam? Free sample tests are available here to familiarise yourself with the exam format, before taking the actual exam.

Additionally, you can order further materials for exam preparation here. Many of our exam centres also offer exam preparation courses.

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However, candidates do not need to attend a preparation course in order to take an ÖSD exam. For further information regarding preparation courses, please contact your exam centre directly.

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Does ÖSD offer preparation courses? If you wish to attend a preparation course, please contact the respective exam centre. You will receive detailed information on preparation courses and exam dates there.

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Does ÖSD offer German language courses? ÖSD does not offer any German courses.

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Your exam centre will gladly inform you about its current courses. Am I allowed to use a dictionary during the exam?

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Dictionaries are not allowed for the A1, A2 and B1 exam levels. A monolingual or bilingual dictionary is allowed for the B2 exam.

For the C1 and C2 exams, a monolingual dictionary to prepare for both the written and oral parts of the exam is allowed.

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Electronic dictionaries, computers with voice synthesizers or similar devices are strictly forbidden. When do I receive my module completion certificates?

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A full completion certificate is issued once all modules of an exam are passed, whether it is done on the same date or over the course of one year if taken at the same exam centre. When only an individual module is passed, a certificate for each successfully completed module is issued.

There are no certificates for failed exams and modules. Do I have to complete all modules of an exam within one year?

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No, you can take the individual modules at any time. You will receive a certificate for each successfully completed module. How often can I take or repeat an exam? You can take each exam or module any number of times. For exams with two modules, the written component reading, listening, writing must be repeated as a whole.

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In the case of a failed exam, we recommend a minimum of four weeks before retaking the exam. Where and when do I get my ÖSD certificate?

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Your exam centre will provide all information regarding your ÖSD certificate. How long is my certificate valid for?

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In principle, ÖSD certificates are valid for an unlimited period of time. However, authorities sometimes demand certificates that are no more than two years old. I lost my certificate, what can I do? Please contact the ÖSD exam centre where the exam took place. After receiving a written declaration, your exam centre can request a duplicate from ÖSD. In exceptional cases if your exam centre no longer existscontact the ÖSD directly.