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For My Legionaries

For all legionaries: those in villages, In factories and in the university. I do not pay attention to any regulation imposed on book authors.

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  • For My Legionaries

I have no time. I write hastily on the battlefield, in the midst of attacks.


At this hour we are surrounded on all sides. The enemies strike us treacherously and treason bites us. For two years we have been bound by the chains of an infamous censorship. For two years our name and that of legionary are tolerated by the press only to be insulted. A rain of treacheries is heaped upon us while our enemies applaud and hope that we shall perish.

But these knights of cowardice, as well as their masters, will be convinced, in fact, soon, that all the attacks in which they pooled their hopes of destroying the legionary movement, all their agitation and desperate efforts, will remain fruitless.

Legionaries do not die. Erect, immovable, invincible and immortal, they look forever victorious over the impotent convulsions of hatred. What I want is that you, soldiers of other Romanian horizons, while reading these recollections, recognize in them your own past and remember your battles; that you re-live the suffering you endured and the blows you took for our people; that you fill your hearts with fire and stand firm in the difficult and righteous struggle in which you are engaged and out of which we all have the command to emerge either victorious or dead.

I think of you as I write. Of you who will have to die, receiving the baptism of death with the serenity of our ancestral Thracians.

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And of you, those who will have to step over the dead and their tombs, carrying in your hands the victorious banners of the Romanians. A group of about 20 high school students, sophomores, juniors and seniors. I called these young comrades together to discuss a grave problem, though our life was but budding. What are we going to do if the Bolsheviks invade us? My opinion, with which the others were in accord, was this: if the Bolshevik army crosses the Dniester, then the Pruth, reaching our region, we shall not submit, but will take refuge in the woods armed; we will organize there a center of Romanian action and resistance, and by skillful action shake up the enemy; we will maintain a spirit of non-submission, and keep alive a spark of hope amidst the Romanian masses in villages and towns.

We all took an oath in the middle of the ancient forest. This forest was a corner of that famous woods of Tigheciu on whose paths, throughout Moldavia's history, many an enemy found death.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser DLC - Full Josephine Romance

We decided to acquire weapons and ammunition, to maintain total secrecy, to engage in reconnoitering and battle exercises there in the forest and to establish a front which would mask our intentions. We easily found dragon age inquisition dating cassandra front and we soon brought it into being: a cultural-national association of the students at the high school of Husi which we named "Mihail Kogalniceanu.

Then we began get-togethers and lectures in town. We treated the customary subjects in public, while in the woods we simulated battle exercises.

Un studio care in ultima vreme nu prea dating visează fost laudat, nici pe plan mondial si cu atat mai putin de noi, aici la Zon ; ultimele creatii, precum Mass Effect 3 sau recentul Star Wars: The Old Republic nu au fost prea bine primite de catre public. Mai ales Star Wars: The Old Republic, care nu a avut cea mai inspirata trecere de la un abonament lunar la un model free to play. Totusi, Dragon Age Origins a fost primul zece din istoria Zonei, iar Dragon Age Inquisition, jocul de astazi, a reusit sa ne tina cu ochii in monitor timp de doar… 60 de ore, titlul fiind terminat de catre noi in totalitate tocmai pentru a livra o parere obiectiva asupra acestuia. Asta nu inseamna ca Andrei nu-l va relua in fel si chip, asa cum a facut cu toate jocurile din serie.

In those titnes one could find weapons everywhere, so that within about two weeks we collected all we needed. Everybody was thinking about the Bolshevik revolution which was well underway only a few steps over the border.

The peasantry was opposed to this destroying wave out of instinct, but completely disorganized, could not put up a serious resistance. But industrial workers were vertiginously sliding toward Communism, being systematically fed the cult of these ideas by the Jewish press, and generally by the entire Jewry of the cities.

Dragon Age

Every Jew, merchant, intellectual or banker-capitalist, in his radius of activity, was an agent of these anti-Romanian revolutionary ideas. The Romanian intelligentsia was undecided, the state apparatus disorganized.

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One could expect at any moment, either an internal eruption of some determined and organized elements, or an invasion from over the Dniester. This external action, coordinated with that of the Judeo-communist bands within - who could bear down on us, destroying bridges and blowing up stores of ammunition - would have then decided our fate as a people.

It was in such circumstances, our thoughts, in turmoil, worrying about the life and liberty of our country just unified at the end of a difficult war, that in our youthful minds the idea that led us to the oath in the Dobrina Forest germinated. There, under the orders of Maj. Mareel Olteanu, the school's commandant, that of Capt.

Virgil Badulescu, of Lieut. Emil Palangeanu and under the guidance of the professors, I received a strict soldierly education and a healthy confidence in my own powers.

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Translator's note. In fact, my military education will be with me all my life. Order, discipline, hierarchy, molded into my blood at an early age, along dragon age inquisition dating cassandra the sentiment of soldierly dignity, will constitute a guiding thread for my entire future activity.

Here too, I was taught to speak little, a fact which later was to lead me to hate "chatter boxing" and too much talk. Here I learned to love the trench and to despise the drawing room.

For My Legionaries

The notions of military science I was receiving then will make me later judge everything through the prism of this science. This cult of the sentiment of human and military dignity, in which the officers brought me up, was to create for me difficulties and expose me to suffering, in a world often times lacking both honor and a sense of dignity.

I spent the summer of at home in Husi. My father had been recalled into the military for the last two years and left with the regiment for the Carpathians.

One night my mother woke me up and, crying and crossing herself, said: "Wake up, all the bells of all the churches are ringing.

Incident Response

I understood that mobilization had been decreed and that at that moment the Romanian army had crossed the mountains. Seized by emotion, my whole body trembled. Three days later I left home to trail my father, pushed by my yearning that I too, be among the fighters on the front. Finally, following many adventures, I reached the regiment in which my father was commanding a company, the 25th Infantry Regiment under the command of Col.

Piperescu, as it was advancing into Transylvania on the Oituz valley. My misfortune was great, for, being only 17 years old, the regimental commander turned me down as a volunteer. Yet I took part both in the advance into and the retreat from Transylvania, and on September 20th when my father fell wounded above Sovata on the Ceres-Domu mountain, I was useful to him ahead of the enemy's advance.

Though wounded he refused to be evacuated, leading his company throughout the retreat and later in the heavy fighting that followed at Oituz. At two o'clock one night the regiment received orders to advance.

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The officers inspected their troops massed in a tomb-like quiet on the highway. My father aberdeen dating asked to report to the colonel. Returning after a short while, he told me: "Would it not be better for you to go back home?

We will soon be engaged in battle and it is not good that both of us die here, for Mother pua speed​​ dating email is going to be left with six small children, with no support.

The colonel called me and told me he does not want to take the responsibility of your remaining here on the front.

Noting his insistence, however, I turned in my carbine and the two cartridge holders while the columns of the regiment moved on, disappearing into the quiet and darkness of night. I remained alone on the edge of a ditch, then started in the direction of the old frontier and home. When, a year later, on September lst, I entered The Military School of Infantry at Botosani, the dragon age inquisition dating cassandra was still in my mind to be able to reach the front.

The four distinguished officers, Col. Slavescu, Capt. Ciurea, Lieut. Florin Radulescu and Maj. Steflea, guided my steps in the ways of battle and sacrifice for my country.

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Another year passed brought peace, and we, the children ready to die, were scattered, each to his home. My father, a teacher in secondary schools, had been a lifetime nationalist fighter.

My grandfather was a forester, likewise my great-grandfather. The people of my nation have been from the very beginning, in any difficult historical times, a people of woods and mountains. That is why my soldierly upbringing and the blood in my veins impressed on the action at Dobrina - a naive manifestation - a note of seriousness, which our meciul de meci de meci age would not have presupposed.

In those moments, we felt in our hearts, with their advice dragon age inquisition dating cassandra experience, the presence of all our ancestors, who had fought for Moldavia on the same paths the enemies never penetrated. From Dobrina we retained only the memories of defending our country against the waves of enmity menacingly raised both from without and from within our borders.

I was leaving Husi at this crossroad for every youth, the enrollment into a university, the longawaited enrolment at the university! As preparation I had the capital of knowledge acquired in high school, Sensational literature, or that of spiritual perversion datând un om instabil mental today occupies such an important place in the formative years of a high schooler-to his misfortune-I have not tasted.

Iorga and A. My father had these in dragon age inquisition dating cassandra boxes in the attic. That is where I climbed in my free hours to busy myself with such literature. The essence of these articles contained the expression in a high form, of the three ideals of life for the Romanian people: 1. The unification of the Romanian people.

 Надеюсь. - Месье Клушар.  - Беккер улыбнулся и достал из кармана пиджака ручку.  - Я хотел бы составить официальную жалобу городским властям. Вы мне поможете.

The elevation of peasantry through land reform and political rights 3. The solution of the Jewish problem.

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