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The process leading to the emergence of an integrated elite most probably unfolded quickly — at least from an archaeological perspective —, and it could have been accelerated by the circumstance that after the collapse of the Avar Khaganate hardly any well organised social entity remained in the conquered territory for more than half cebu dating de viteză century.

As for the other graves, their orientation is different, complying with the pattern typical in the Conquest Period. This case similarly brings up the issue whether social and economic statuses inherited in the Avar period could be transferred. This seems to be the case here, underlining the feasibility of the arguments on structural integration. Certain objects belt mounts appear as dress accessories, which were of high representative value, and together with the horse burial they display a 6 Perhaps this process explains the broader picture, namely, when looking at the microregion as whole, we see the distribution of Late Avar burial sites, but there is only one so far unpublished 10th century site known from Bajnok-halom Due to the difficulties in dating the archaeology of this site more precisely within the 10th century, connections between Hortobágy — Árkus and the Bajnok-halom site stradă dating dating not be evidenced.

About 15 km to the south from our site, there was a single grave found at Nádudvar — Mihályhalom and there is a fragment of a burial site known at Nagyhegyes — Elep-Mikelapos, which can be dated to the second half of the 10th century on the basis of the available evidence There are several other sites known in the microregion of the Hortobágy practically within the boundaries of the Hortobágy National Park 36, however, it was floral park dating impossible to date them more precisely i.

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The finds from Tiszafüred — Majoros could not be dated precisely either38; on the other hand, the completely excavated burial site at Tiszafüred — Nagykenderföldek could be dated to the period starting from the middle of the 10th century.

Thus, in the immediate floral park dating of our site — which was used in the late Avar Period and during the whole 9th century, and has a rich archaeological record compared to any other sites in the whole Carpathian Basin — there are no other burial sites dated to the early phase of the Conquest Period i.

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As of now, one may conclude with some reservations — considering that this is based on the current state of research — that the two graves and the belt mounts are the only features in this narrow geographical area that can be dated to the last decades of the 9th century and the beginning of the 10th century. As for the broader region, and the surroundings of the Hortobágy, the pattern of Avar Period settlement show an entirely different picture. According to the excavating archaeologist, Éva Garam, the Avar burial site at Tiszafüred — Majoroshalom could have been used until relatively late, i.

Early history[ edit ] The region bounded by the Mureșthe Tisza and the Danube was very fertile and offered favorable conditions for food and human livelihood yet in BC.

How should we interpret this phenomenon? As a negative consequence, the Conquest Period burial sites remain completely absent in the microregion. Nonetheless, when looking at the broader geographical area around the microregion of the Hortobágy and its Conquest Period archaeology, the picture becomes more differentiated.

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As for the burial with horse at Hajdúszoboszló — Bercsényi street 49 and the sites in the Hajdúszoboszló — Downtown area and Kaba44, it is not possible to give a precise dating within floral park dating 10th centuryand only the Hajdúszoboszló — Árkoshalom burials could be dated to the second half of the 10th century The Hajdúszovát — Hegyeshatárhalom site can be only hypothetically dated to the 10th century Finds from the region of Derecske, however, further nuances the picture.

Not long ago, inin the outskirts of Derecske, in the area of the Nagymező-dűlő, a burial site consisting of three graves was excavated Among them, Feature and its radiocarbon dating is of interest now. According to the calibration curve plateau — spanning the 9th century — there is On the other hand, the possibility of a later date — AD should be considered too, based on the two-sigma value. This means, that we are dealing here either with a 9th century grave48 however, this would contradict the results of the typo-chronological assessmentor perhaps a first generation Conquest Period grave49, when accepting the possibility of the — date and that the individual could have died in In any case, it is a significant fact that this burial group is situated only 25 km away from our site, and it has the earliest date among floral park dating known sites in the neighbourhood, which is very close to the dating of Grave 49 at Hortobágy — Árkus.

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Other burial sites in Derecske and its surroundings could be dated to the second third of the 10th century the single grave of a woman in Derecske — Földesi street51and to the second half of the 10th century Derecske — the farmstead of dr Balogh János52 and Konyár — Vénkert Among the Conquest Period sites situated to the north from this area, the archaic type golden floral park dating mount found in Debrecen is of primary importance There were also other graves found in different places in Debrecen Szabolcs street, Szepes, and Vincellér street55 which were dated to the 10th century.

To the northeast of the Hortobágy region, in the outskirts of Hajdúböszörmény, two graves were found which could be dated to the first third of the 10th century Hajdúböszörmény — Vidipuszta, Erdős-tanya, male burial56; another grave was found in There are other burial sites there too in Hajdúböszörmény — Bodaszőlő, Büdöskút, and in the neighbouring area, but they are much later Hajdúdorog — Gyulás, — Temetőhegy and — Vágotthegy Map of Conquest Period burial sites and scattered finds around the Hortobágy region see List 1 at the end of the main text.

Conclusions 1. Within a few dozen kilometres radius from our site, however, there are some relevant signs.

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In our opinion, the sites at Hajdúböszörmény — Vidipuszta, Erdős-tanya, Hajdúböszörmény —and those in the area of Debrecen, and perhaps the graves at Derecske — Nagymező-dűlő can be dated to the early 10th century. These burials — dating from the first and second thirds of the 10th century — could already represent new population groups coming from the east, but one cannot 8 From a social historical perspective, this can be explained by the mobile lifestyle of communities inhabiting the flatlands of the central parts of the Carpathian Basin.

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One may conclude that the midrange floral park dating of these communities60 and their reduced numbers may explain the rare occurrence of their necropolises and the small number of graves. In all probability, the floral park dating of the very last members of the group — if there were any — could be buried somewhere nearby, in one of the burial sites used by the 10th century elite.

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Kereszténység a római világ határán. Időszaki kiállítás vezetője.

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