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We gave sneak-peak demos of some cool new content launching soon! Everyone loved the zany new competitive mini-games in the meetup sf speed​​ dating Baby Hands: Daycare! Sign up for early beta access below!

meetup sf speed​​ dating

Seeing some of the biggest names in the tech industry crawling around like little babies in VR was so funny, and watching everyone smile and laugh when they played our games is such a surreal and rewarding experience! We are grateful and humbled by the awesome response we have received, and it was an honor for the developers to accept an award for their hard work!

So, without further delay, get ready for another great update!

Cumpără Baby Hands

We added a crabby new pet. Climb up in your crib! Improved the bow and arrow! Improved the teleporter system, and fixed the spectator camera while teleporting. So many cool new achievements!

meetup sf speed​​ dating

Feel free to insert your sandwiches into the VCR while the movie is playing, the sound will also loop properly now! We taught the turtle how to swim properly. Bling bling with the wedding ring! Catch a cannonball! The star on the fridge door now moves properly. The blank floppy computer disk is now formatted properly for saving. Added better physics colliders on ladders, and the Astronaut, and the inside of kitchen cabinets.

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So, feel free to throw lots of stuff at them! UI such as timers are fixed to appear on both screens. Hall bathtub now no longer overflows through the wall and into the living room. Fixed some standing problems with opening your parents locked drawer.

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The plunger no longer seems to be worth grabbing once used properly. Added some cool new achievements, we don't want to just "phone in" what the new achievements are for, lest someone get all "crabby" about not being able to find them without hints!

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Updated our post-processing stack and underlying API to better optimize certain in game effects to avoid causing intermittent but prevalent graphical failures to rendering More to come soon!

We are nearing launch for the new Baby Hands: Daycare mini-games, and excited to watch players customize their baby avatars with thousands of cool accessories, jewelry, armor, beards and more!

So, once again, thank you all so much! Toys, Puzzles and a Mobile Release!

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We have been super busy working on big updates for Baby Hands, and showing off the game at so many conferences! We have an amazing time showing off Baby Hands, and conference attendees seem meetup sf speed​​ dating really love it!

They keep getting back in line to play, again and again! Chicken Waffle has also sponsored some cool educational programs, and a big game jam at Texas State University! We love interacting with fans, and hope to see you at an upcoming event soon! We also have new multiplayer news to talk about!

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We have built some super cool mini-games and competitive challenges, and most of the back-end server work is out of the way!

We are in closed BETA for multiplayer, but please reach out!

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New astronaut challenge! Crawl all over the table and beds! Lastly, it would seem your siblings came through the house, and moved a bunch of the toys and objects!

See if you can find all the newly hidden objects and collectibles!

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Thank you so much for your support and energy! You have helped us so much!

meetup sf speed​​ dating

On that note, may everyone have a warm, safe and happy holidays! Amazing announcements in this post!

meetup sf speed​​ dating

Be sure to read everything! Chicken Waffle will be heading to Oculus Connect 5 next week, and we thought this would be a great time to share some awesome news of huge upcoming updates! We have hinted at some cool multiplayer gameplay coming soon! Well, here we go!! The developers at Chicken Waffle have been creating some truly amazing VR interaction tools, and we plan to share our progress with the community!

Welcome to a first look at Baby Hands: Daycare! Jump into a zany multiplayer baby daycare! Customize your baby avatar with thousands of cool accessories, achievement armor, funny hair styles and hilarious outfits! Socialize and play with toys in the daycare lobby, or climb aboard a pirate ship playscape!