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pua speed​​ dating email

Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] Hi Bogdan, My name is Cristian Balean. Welcome to the list.

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I have worked briefly on the Romanian translations about 6 months back together with Artemis State who I think was one of the first to start these translations. Due to lack of time I had to stop for a while but I believe Artemis continued the work.

pua speed​​ dating email

Unfortunately I lost touch with him for a while and was not sure of this at the time so I emailed the translated files that I had to Joachim, the leader of this project. I am not sure if he received them back in October since I received no confirmation at the time. Joachim maybe can confirm now and also let us know dating site- ul taipei he received any other updated files.

I do have a little more free pua speed​​ dating email now and if you want we can work together on this.

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Please email me in private so we can discuss more at cbaleansub at porchlight. I obtained these files from the romanian translators of Gnome.

By the way the dictionary. I can email you in private about these. Artemis State, Tag: holder : autolayout. Tag: title : autolayout. Tag: title : biblehowto.

Tag: author : biblehowto. Tag: holder : biblehowto. Tag: para : biblehowto. The text was adapted for publication with BibleTime by Fred Saalbach. This particular study guide has been chosen as it takes care pua speed​​ dating email to advocate any particular denominational doctrine.

pua speed​​ dating email

We expect you to read and study the scriptures to understand what they say. If you start with the attitude that you want to have the Lord sow his word in your heart He will not disappoint you. Tag: keyword : biblehowto. Tag: keyword. To make this possible we need your help!

It is possible to help us in many ways. Please read this page to whether you can help us improving the BibleTime software.

pua speed​​ dating email

If you are praying for the Sword and BibleTime projects you are helping us as much as the other team members of the BibleTime project. Are you familiar with the KDE programming interface or are motivate to learn it? If you have time to regularly work on the BibleTime source code we ask you to join our team!

That's why we need a translation into your language, if it's not yet available! If you decide to start working on a translation please contact us at info at bibletime. We will provide you with the files which should be translated. E un instrument bun care simplifică procesul traducerii". Please follow them! It's free.

We need your username to add you to the team members, to assign tasks to you, etc. All developers read this mailing list, so everybody knows what's hapenning. If you need help with this ask on the mailing list or look into the documentation section.

[bt-devel] Romanian translation.

Don't forget to add how difficult it should be. Please don't edit the HTML files directly because they're generated from the docbook files. The translation file are also generated from the docbook data. It will help you a lot with the translation process. Tag: title : development. Tag: para : development.

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BibleTime's quality and usefulness depends on the help of others to a large degree. Calitatea BibleTime depinde, intr-un mare grad de ajutorul pe care il dau altii.

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Tag: title : devotional. Tag: para : devotional. It has more information ready for you, maybe even in your local language. Tag: title : error Tag: para : myyearbook dating site Please use the navigation tree on the left to see if the document was moved.

Thank you very much! Tag: title : how2-basics.

Tag: para : how2-basics. Tag: attribution : how2-basics.

pua speed​​ dating email

In this they were grievously deceived. Whenever the Bible is read, what is needed is an eager expectation that through it we may meet Ams dating. Meditating on the scriptures brings hearing, reading, studying and memorization together and cements the word in our minds.

And he will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season, And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers.

Meditation is a key to revelation. A new Christian needs to hear and read the Bible more than they need to study and memorize it.

Беккер на своем мотоцикле скрылся в узком проходе Каллита-де-ля-Вирген. ГЛАВА 88 Фара «веспы» отбрасывала контрастные тени на стены по обе стороны от узкой дорожки. Переключая передачи, Беккер мчался вперед между белокаменными стенами. Улочка имела множество поворотов и тупиков, и он быстро потерял направление. Он поднял вверх голову, надеясь увидеть Гиральду, но окружившие его со всех сторон стены были так высоки, что ему не удалось увидеть ничего, кроме тоненькой полоски начинающего светлеть неба.

This is so that they become familiar with the overall message of the Bible. Joseph's life in Gen. What does it say in the original language?