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Comentarii shafiqul hasan Agency:Jyp Training Period:7 montgs Number of members:4 Concept:Girl Crush Position:maknae Type:happy virus Other:actress Debut song:So bad Album: eyes wide open Way:korean Acum lună Jennifer Makmur label - YG training period - 1 year members - 3 months concept - girl crush position - main dancer role - quiet other activity - photographer debut song - complete debut album cover - I am most famous in - worldwide rival group - treasure close with - bangchan best friend - chaeryeong mc - mina collab with - mino drama with - d.

Acum 5 luni sunoo best boy and sassy king agency : Big Hit Entertainment training period: 10 years bruh, I would be exhausted members: 3 concept: girl crush yes!!!

So this just all my imagination.

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They are under Fnc Ent. They debuted in May 14 Most of their songs are based on sad tragedies. They debuted with Dr. They are most famouse in Asia specially because all of theme are asian and from different countries so this group is multilingual.

12 // Shipping & dating

Now to soojin kyungsoo dating members. Nakatani Tomoko stage name: Toko She was born in She is the leader, and main vocalist, with soojin kyungsoo dating she is the first japanese leader in a korean band.

Report Story Eu capitolul acesta, sperând că nimeni nu se ia de mine: Oops! Această imagine nu respectă Ghidul de Conținut. Pentru a continua publicarea, te rugăm să înlături imaginea sau să încarci o altă imagine.

Her training period was 5 years. She is the mom of the group.

Her other activity model. She debuted as a model in She is really close friends with Sakura and Yuto.

She can speak Japanese, English and basic French. She started her solo carrier in with a song called Fire light with Yonyon. Someone who i can cook together with.

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I actually have one man and woman in mind Thoji and IU. Paraman Chansiri stage name: Siri She was born in She is the visual of the group.

She can speak Thai, Chinese, English and Korean fluently. Her training period was 1 year and 6 months.

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Her other activity is do yoga. She takes yoga classes after busy days.

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She is really close friends with Bambam, Minnie, Ten and Sorn. She started her solo carrier in with a song called Question featuring Suppasit.

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Chansiris ideal type: Someone with a good sense at t viteză dating girl commercial humor, someone who i can travel with a lot. If i need to mention someone it would be Shawn Mendes. Cheon Haneul Stage name: Ree She was born in She is the main rapper of the group.

Her training period was 1 year. She may seem quiet but trust me she can be loud too.

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When they dont have any activity she usually go to her photographer salon. She is really close with Hwanwoong and Sunwoo. She was the first member to be in a drama. She starred in "I come back, promise okay with Eunwoo.

She was Mc with Hyunjin for a year from She also the first one to start her solo carrier with a song called Busy featuring Woodz in She was involved in a dating rumor with Sunghoon, since then no one confirmed anything. Maybe they are preparing for a collab or a new couple?