Sophia wanuna dating,

sophia wanuna dating

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TrueLegend U always got my respect Hubert! Bellissimo deals Thank you Nonini.

Просмотрев все еще раз, он отступил на шаг и нахмурился.

I'm also a watch guy! Mwaniki Joseph Acum 6 luni Awesome guest lakini you should watch shows like upclose on k24 or morning Express ya ktn by Sophia wanuna to really know how to get ur audience to know ur guest coz we are left hanging like jina nonini ilitoka wapi u asked but he didnt answer ikapita hivyo, his biggest struggles in life, when did he finaly feel that now he has made it, is he a family man, what regrets does he have so far, the largest amount of money he ever made in a single show and what he did with that money, what was his parents opinion of his music especially we kamu, who is his role model, where sophia wanuna dating he see himself in the next 5yrs etc.

Anyway congrats for bringing such a huge celeb. But Nonini sounds like he has a problem with Jua Cali.

Tonight Showbotics: Jimmy Meets Sophia the Human-Like Robot

Nonini Mob respect Robert Simba I love watches n he love watches too This guy!!!! Cali4nia gonga Like Boss of them bosses!!

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T-sho ya red na baggy jeans ya blue,chini tumepiga Sophia wanuna dating imesimama!! Na umetoka far. Hii jina haujaijenga na siku mbili.

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It took years. The Jalas brand haijakua big juu yako tu Na si a section of fans tu.

Человек, в течение многих лет одерживавший победу над опаснейшими противниками, в одно мгновение потерпел поражение. Причиной этого стала любовь, но не .

It is a diversified field of fans. So mi ningetaka kukushow hivi I say so because what took you years to build can crumble in seconds and all the good that you ever did might get forgotten just like that.

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I am not a connoisseur on matters media, entertainment etc. Most def you are a guru hio sector but mine is just but a humble piece of advice and i may be wrong on this so I will humbly beg for forgiveness if i am wrong. Sometimes in the midst of your interviews you sometimes blurt out some statements that may seem insensitive to a section of your viewers.

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This is how you may lose some. For instance the Jehovah Witness bit. That might be your personal notion or perception of them, but sophia wanuna dating rather you just don't put it out there in the public domain.

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I am Muslim, but i cringed when you said what you did. You are loved by many, Jehovah Witness fans included.

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I know your candidness is what makes you unique but then again, verify that: that is, if the risks outweigh the benefits or vice versa. From a loyal fan. Blessed Njugush Nonini u r great,ideaz mob za biz Blessed Njugush.

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